Saturday, February 13, 2010

No Kindle for Me

I hate hardcover books. They're just too damn big. With the amount of books I read, every little gain of storage space counts, so I always go with paperback editions whenever I can.

Consequently, I was very disappointed to learn that Tokyo Vice by Jake Edelstein is not being released in paperback format until October this year.

Well, what about the Kindle version, I hear you thinking. I considered it, and decided against buying it. It's true that reading the book on the iPhone Kindle app might have been somewhat more tedious that having a physical book, but that 's not the main reason I didn't buy the Kindle version. Neither are concerns about data loss and sudden DRM fubars.

The main deterrent for me is the book's afterlife, after I am finished reading it. When I'm done with the book, I plan to take it to work and show it to my colleagues, who will no doubt grin and nod appreciatively, and then leave it lying around the office for a while, for anyone who comes along to browse at leisure.

And I can't do that with a Kindle book.

Maybe some other time, when the book in question is not one I want to share with other people so much.

I have been reading Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland books in Classics on the iPhone, and I can confirm that you get accustomed to reading on the iPhone.


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