Wednesday, May 18, 2005

At Long Last, the Networking Rules!

I love the way the 10.4.1 upgrade improves the handling of SMB network disconnects.

Yesterday, I walked out of work, not noticing that I had not unmounted an SMB volume. On the train, I opened up my iBook to watch the beach ball spin for five minutes before giving up and rebooting.

That evening, the upgrade came along.

Today, I walked out of work, and guess what, I again forgot to unmount the volume (I'm not the fussy type who always needs total control over what they mount/share/read/write/open). On the train, I opened up the iBook and started typing in my favourite text editor. A minute or so later, a very small alert panel opens and says something along the lines of 'Network connection lost. You have a share mounted.', and presents a 'Disconnect' button for me to click. Bam. That easy.

This is exactly what I wanted. It's like saying "Yeah yeah, whatever, close it already" and the system goes away and doesn't bother you any more. I especially appreciate the way the window gently fades in, instead of POPPING UP screaming at me "You disconnected me! AARGH! You're going to lose data!" and then blocking the Finder for the entire two minutes of the network timeout.

Thank you Apple. Finally.


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