Thursday, August 11, 2005

Not My Day

I leave the office after a day that has gone on for longer than a workday should. I have been failing at a particularly tricky timing-related non-deterministic bug for most of the day. My frustration level is high.

Half tempted to buy myself a beer for the commute home, I notice no bums hanging out in front of the liquor store at the corner. Sure enough it's closed, even though the sign says 'OPEN' in ridiculous Times New.

As I step up to the platform, my train is still sitting on the rails. I begin to run. As I reach it, it starts to pull out of the station. I can almost touch it as is starts to move away. This means I will miss the connecting train at in Laim and get home twenty minutes later.

Ten minutes later, I board the next train, in the knowledge that at home, more work waits for me. The train smells of stale sweat and there are no good places left to sit.

I dial my music player up to blot-out-the-surroundings volume. I hate everyone else here right now, even the pretty girls in the next row.

Especially the girls.


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