Monday, September 25, 2006

Complex Problems Through Complex Thinking

I was standing in front of the blank main display in our show room, musing, when my colleague Mike came along, and asked "What's up? Are you waiting for something?" "Well," I said, "I have this problem.

"On the right of the diplay, there's a power strip, but it has the wrong kind of plug, and it's on the wrong side of the display. That means I would have to use an adapter plug and an extension cord, which I find esthetically displeasing.

"However, I could just drop in a powerstrip with a normal plug here on the left, but that would mean the one on the right would be unused, which I would also find esthetically displeasing.

"As a third option, I might move the rack around to the right of the display, but that would mean I'd have to move these cases, which I believe the boss would find esthetically displeasing. What should I do?"

"Tonight," Mike replied, "please drink the words 'esthetically displeasing' out of your mind, then you'll come here tomorrow and all you'll have left will be solutions."


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