Sunday, August 15, 2010


He was awakened by mortar fire.

"Boom boom boom".

Thinking "What the hell?" he yanked on his pajamas, and rushed outside, where he found a young guy sitting in the street before a plastic replica of a mortar, making shooting noises. When he saw where the mortar was aimed, he realized his house had been shelled.

He raced back inside to check his email and, sure enough, he saw that he was dead. He ran back outside to confront the young guy who was now taking aim at his neighbor's house. "What the fuck do you think you doing, asshole?" he shouted.
"What's it look like?" said the guy.
"Where did you even get a mortar?"
"None of your business, dude."
"Fuck, now I've lost a whole year. I have exams next week!"
"Should have filed for an exemption then." He finished taking aim. "Boom boom boom!"
"In the middle of the city? What the fuck are you doing here shooting heavy weapons anyway?"
"Urban terrorist."

At that moment, he realized how much trouble this idiot had caused him. He would have to reschedule his exams. He'd had a couple of interviews set up with companies for after his graduation, which he would miss. Also Shelly would not be happy to hear he had been killed. And by such a stupid idiotic prank, too. The kid couldn't be older than twenty years.

Right then, he would have liked to punch this asshole right in the mouth.

But he couldn't.

He was dead.



Blogger HoshiMaru said...

Interesting post. Though, I don't get why he wouldn't be freaking out about why he was dead instead of why the idiot was shooting up houses. >.>
If I was a ghost I'd be more freaked that I was SEE THROUGH!

12:07 AM  
Blogger Tobias Klüpfel said...

Thanks. He's not dead dead though, it's a "he's been ruled dead" thing.

Like that old Star Trek episode where they shoot virtual bombs at each other and computers decide who's been "killed". (see

9:58 AM  

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