Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What Windows Does Better Than OS X

I like long file names. 8.3 filenames are a thing of a past so remote (and only for some OSs) that by all rights they should have long ago been dead and forgotten.

So, I like to rename my PDFs after I download them. My usual method is this: I open the PDF, copy the title, edit the file name and paste. Then I curse roundly, because I'm told the filename contains illegal characters (colons are an all-time favourite), at which time the file name reverts, and I lose all my typing. It all goes away because of one silly illegal character.

Enter Windows (I have to work on a Windows machine at my job). I open the PDF, copy the title, paste it in the file name, and one of those speech bubbles pops up, and tells me, such and such characters are illegal in file names.

I check the file name. Windows has removed the illegal characters from my file name, I'm still in edit mode, I have lost nothing. That is the way it should be done.

Then I hit enter, a warning window opens and tells me that the file is in use by Acrobat Reader, and can't be renamed, the file name reverts, all my changes are lost.

But still, you know what I mean, right?


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