Tuesday, August 23, 2005


As I enter the train, I notice a nice goth chick three seats behind me. For some reason she has combined black and pink in her attire, but she's done it thoroughly, and the overall effect is rather striking.

As I get up to disembark, I notice she is standing up too. I slow my step until she passes me, then fall in behind her. She is wearing headphones so there is no chance she will hear my footsteps.

In her left hand, she is holding a book, but I can't make out the title, only a colorful garish photograph on the cover between her by black-lacquered nails.

She sits down on the left of two benches at the bus stop. I hesitate, then I pass her by and take a seat on the right-hand bench. I glance over to her. She has removed her jacket, and is putting on a sweater over a thin translucent top. She has a black bra underneath.

I fantasize about talking to her, knowing full well that I would not have the slightest chance. Suddenly I have the overwhelming urge to scream "FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL OF YOU! YOU ASSHOLES!". But I repress both impulses, and quietly enter the bus that has just arrived.

I guess I'd make a pretty decent stalker, if I don't get Tourette first.


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Blogger Tobias Klüpfel said...

Wow, thanks.

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