Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's easy

It's easy to fix your iBook. Yes, you can do it youself. Absolutely. I did it, and if I can, anyone can.

You should have:
- infinite patience
- an eye for detail
- good tools
- a repair manual (first, identify your model)
- three arms (Zaphod, come over here)
- a zen-like acceptance of bad things
- a punching bag nearby

If at all possible, also:

This was my second try after being thwarted by the wrong tools.

First, I opened the case up

iBook insides
[click picture for annotations]

Then, I dismantled the display.

I found the cables to the reed switch board and the display backlight were broken, so I ordered a replacement. Schulz Bürohaus in Munich has been very valuable. A word of advice, though. If you want to order replacement parts, you better find out the exact part number before calling.

Right is the borken cable, left the replacement.

After reassembly, the display worked beautifully.

Ten seconds later, the iBook crashed with the usual symptoms.

Stay tuned.


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