Friday, February 18, 2005

The most popular song

Driving home today, I expected no less than another iteration on the the subject of death, as had been the case yesterday and two days ago.

Today was a change. They talked about british scientists (the greatest lunatics on the planet if you ask me) conducting studies where they asked people about their favourite music, styles of song, instruments, etc. and then constructed two songs.

One was assembled from the most favoured styles and instruments, and they played a part of it.

It was amazing. Like musical ice.

I had a distinct image before my mental eye of a crystal clear core of perfect music, with creatures like Michael Jackson and Seal floating outside the outer shell, reaching out their suckered tentacles to break through the crust into that immaculate center.

It was eerie, especially since I hated it.

The next song was the previous one's counterpart: the least fevourite song in the world. And it sounded quite normal.

It started off with synth background, supplemented with bagpipes and later a techno beat together with a high wobbly woman's voice, but nothing like you hadn't heard before.

It made my hair stand on end. Literally. My flesh crawled. What saved my life was the fact that they stopped playing it after three minutes. I guess I would have driven off the road if they hadn't.

If anyone finds a link to any of this please let me know. I'd love to get my hands on that evil song.


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