Sunday, November 20, 2005

Creative Commons

If I haven't told you yet, I run a photo series called (increasingly inaccurately) "The Daily Loki", where I publish pictures of my cat. I'm not going to make excuses.

Somebody has to do it.

Anyway, the other day, a friend asked me when I was going to make them Creative Commons - licensed. I replied "when I reach a hundred pictures". Now that has happened, and I'm having second thoughts. I think about the uses the pictures could be put to, and I start to wonder if I want to allow such a thing. I wouldn't want pictures that depict, or promote, cruelty to animals. Or pictures that show his head mounted on a goat having sex with... no wait, that would actually be funny.

I'll release them, but only if someone makes the picture with goat and the sex and...

*slaps wrist*
*takes medication*


I am still dithering about the license. I would actually like people to use the pictures, because I'd be interested to see that (and, actually, interested if anyone gives a shit - I have about five readers (of Daily Loki), and I doubt whether CC would make any difference to them). Still, I don't want cruelty to animals, I don't want goat sex (well actually... *gulps more pills*), I don't want to give away my control over my pictures. I'm a bit of a control freak.

Not that I actually have control over my pictures. I only have the right to complain when I find out someone is violating my copyright, and enter protracted legal complications that cost tons and probably won't help.

Additionally, normal copyright provides everything I need. Anybody can copy, reuse, or do anything with my pictures, if I give my permission. It's not as if it's hard to contact the owner of a flickr photoset. But still, CC is hot right now, and I like jumping on bandwagons. Also, I feel disturbed by the fact that I consider it a good thing for other people, but when it comes to my own photos, it's suddelny not that great an idea anymore.

So, against all common sense, here it is. I release all Loki pictures under the least restrictive Creative Commons license. The photographer kindly asks to be notified of any use his or her photos are put to. Bye now, I'm off to the release party.

PS. Nobody do the goat thing! (please do the goat thing)


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