Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Size Matters

I'm building a really simple small demo app, and after it compiles, I switch over to the Release build target, and wow look at that file size!

40.0 KB

I might be tempted to write w00t here, if I was the type to use expressions like w00t.

Ok, copy it to the deployment machine, test it - whoops, crash.

Apparently, clicking an arrow up/down stepper control (MS call them spin controls) crashes the program.

Back to my development machine. Bug verifiable. It really crashes when compiled as Release, not when compiled as Debug. Well, there's my solution right there. Just a demo prototype, no production stuff. Doesn't matter if it's a Debug build.

I do it.

137.0 KB

Well. What's the opposite of w00t? t00w? z0rn?

Copy -> deploment machine -> run.

Can't run because file needs MSDEBUGFU.DLL

Argh, but only to be expected. So I link all libraries statically, and end up with a whopping

1.37 MB



Blogger map said...

orz indeed.

(w00t, I nearly forgot about orz. thanks for the reminder.)

8:08 PM  

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