Friday, May 11, 2007

1984, 2007 A.D.

The G8, that is the eight richest nations of the world, will be holding their 33rd summit in Mecklenburg, Germany.

I just watched our Minister of the Interior, Wolfgang Schäuble, announce on TV that he is planning to take potential 'troublemakers' and 'possibly violent' (gewaltbereit) persons into 'preventive custody'. I nearly threw my glass into the TV.

What the FUCK? Where in hell does this lunatic George Orwell fan get hare-brained ideas like this?

Did I just miss something? Is he seriously telling me, and for that matter all of Germany that he plans to lock up people who are not currently being persecuted for any crime, for whom there exist no warrants for arrest, or anything else except a faint suspicion that they might be "gewaltbereit", or, as the literal translation runs "ready for violence"?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

And better get some people to watch the watchers for the watcher's watchers too, because this is making chills run up and down my spine right now. The hairs on my arms are literally standing up.

Let me just speculate for a second. Assume that there is someone who defines who is a dangerous subject. Say somebody writes on the internet something like "Those bastards will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes". Let us further assume that the person in charge reads this, and decides to have the terrorist taken into custody.

Right now, in our conjecture, we have a totally innocent man in a holding cell, next door to drunks picked off the street, people arrested after starting fights in bars, maybe a rapist or somebody who regulary beats up his wife. Am I crazy? Am I laying it on a little bit too thickly? Maybe.


But that is not all.

Think, for a second, about the possibilities. Think about the guy in the holding cell, and about someone who really, really hates his guts for being a leftist, liberal, anti-progress terrorist no-good motherfucker. And now think about the guy in the holding cell resisting arrest. Or getting his fingers caught in a steel door by accident. Or accidentally being put in the wrong cell because of an innocent mistake and ending up in the company of some of the delightful fellows mentioned above?

I am disgusted with the power-hungry assholes who rule my country, abusing people's fears of some imaginary terrorist threat to fuck around with human rights as they please because they, in some perverse reasoning of their own, are convinced that that is the last thing that stands between Germany and doom.


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