Thursday, February 24, 2005

Twenty Questions

This is just great. What an amazing knowledge base - it guessed my "Avocado" and "CD-ROM", but it's having a hard time figuring out "Sponge": It's got bumpy skin, it swims, it must be an MP3 file.

I am guessing that it is an MP3 file?

29.I guess that it is an aloe vera plant?No.
28.Do you use it in your home? Yes.
27.Does it have bumpy skin? Yes.
26.Is it something you can wear? No.
25.Can you use it at school? Yes.
24.Is it useful? Yes.
 Do you use it in public? Unknown.
23.Is it hard? No.
22.Is it worth a lot of money? No.
21.Can you find it in a house? Yes.
20.I guess that it is a herring (fish)? No.
19.Does it have cash value? Yes.
18.Does it go in your mouth? No.
17.Is it usually colorful? No.
16.Can it swim? Yes.
15.Does it usually have four corners? No.
14.Is it outside? Maybe.
13.Do you clean it regularly? Sometimes.
12.Can it fit in an envelope? No.
11.Can it live out of water? No.
10.Does it have a face? No.
9.Does it taste good? No.
8.Can it float? Yes.
 Does it lay eggs? Unknown.
7.Does it live in the forest? No.
6.Is it furry? No.
5.Can you buy it? Yes.
4.Does it have a long tail? No.
3.Does it bring joy to people? Sometimes.
2.Is it very large? No.
1.It is classified as Animal.


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