Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kingdom of Loathing

I've started playing Kingdom of Loathing, on the advice of PlayThisThing, a cool game review site.

I've just come across this in the Spooky Forest

A Three-Tined Fork

You come to a point in the forest where three paths diverge.

The left branch looks pretty normal -- the trees surrounding it are healthy, the path is well-lit, and furry woodland creatures scamper along it, just waiting to get eaten by some larger but equally furry predator.

The trees around the middle branch look as though they've been burned, the earth is scorched (though not by tiny robotic tanks, you're guessing,) and you catch the occasional glimpse of flashing lights from the distant recesses of the path.

The third branch is dark. Really dark. Really, really dark, come to think of it. You can't see anything at all past the entrance.

All of the paths look equally well-traveled, so you're not gonna be able to rely on poetry for advice in this case.

I officially love this game, now that I found this offhand reference to one of my childhood's video game addictions and my favourite poem.


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