Friday, April 08, 2005


We have eleven programs on the TV at home.

1: ARD Pope's Funeral
2: ZDF Pope's Funeral
3: BR Pope's Funeral
4: ORF 1 Liebe Ohne Rückfahrschein
5: ORF 2 Pope's Funeral
6: RTL Pope's Funeral
7: SAT 1 Pope's Funeral
8: Tele 5 Tarot Heute
9: Pro 7 talk talk talk
10: tv.münchen Stadtgeflüster
11: RTL II Mit Kisten, Kind und Kegel

Joseph Ratzinger is valiantly trying to speak the sermon in Italian. He must have buffed up on his pronounciation, in the not entirely unfounded hope that he might have to hold a lot more sermons in Italian for quite some time.


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